The HALLOWEEN SUPER SHOW returns for 2019 to the LA County Fair.  This year's theme is reflects the celebration of the County Fair's theme, Pop Culture.  For 2019, the show will be held in expo hall 10.  The show will be open to guests for all 19 days and  include Halloween Vendors, Makeup Demos, Haunted House Attractions and an Exclusive Pop Culture Exhibit! Show admission is FREE for all guests who visit the Fair.


is excited to present our theme for the 2019 LA County Fair...



Expo Hall 10 will be transformed into a creepy, abandoned movie soundstage.  Visitors who enter will come face to face with some of the most iconic monsters and villains of the silver screen!


The ZOMBIE ESCAPE attraction is a zombie-themed experience where a military installation containing the infected has gone crazy.  The dead have taken over and those who enter must make their way through numerous chambers including  toxic storage, the medical facility, the supply depot, the furnace, the body storage chamber and more.


The attraction includes live performers and special effects, realistic props and sets.

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